Favorite Game This Year So Far


What up DC4L Fam!

In those post I want to talk about my favorite game this year so far.

If you were out yesterday, you can check out my post on who my favorite cowboy rookie is here.

So there has been a bunch of great games this year, mainly because we have won all but 1, which we are going to avenge in two weeks against those Giants!

My favorite game this year though would have to be the game against the Steelers.

That day my entire family got together at my uncles weekend house. He was in town for the weekend. He is by far the biggest cowboy fan I know, and also my favorite uncle. He runs a landscaping company in mcallen and does pretty well.

So back to the game of the year!

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My New Favorite Player

Yo! What’s up my fellow Dallas Cowboy fanatics.

By you returning to my blog pretty much tells me you are a Cowboy fan.

Welcome back to our little DC4L huddle 🙂

Want to catch my post from yesterday? Click here!

Anyway, I mentioned in yesterday’s post that there is something definitely special going on this year with the team. What looked like another disaster year, has been the total opposite.

Going into the season there was definitely a whole lot of expectation about our new running back, rookie Elliot, we all knew that.

But he is having a season that is Rookie of The Year worthy. Some are even saying that the numbers he is putting up are even worthy of the MVP of the entire NFL.

That is crazy! I think if he keeps it up, then he is definitely worthy of being in the talks. But, to keep it 100 with you guys.. He’s not even my favorite rookie on the team. You should know who I am talking about..

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Yo yo!

What’s up my new friends.

Welcome back to my new blog. I want to take this time to write you guys on a little about me and why I decided to start this in the the first place.

If you want the fast version of my personal bio, you can go here.

For those of you who are wanting to know the “whole scoop”

Let’s get started..

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