Favorite Game This Year So Far


What up DC4L Fam!

In those post I want to talk about my favorite game this year so far.

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So there has been a bunch of great games this year, mainly because we have won all but 1, which we are going to avenge in two weeks against those Giants!

My favorite game this year though would have to be the game against the Steelers.

That day my entire family got together at my uncles weekend house. He was in town for the weekend. He is by far the biggest cowboy fan I know, and also my favorite uncle. He runs a landscaping company in mcallen and does pretty well.

So back to the game of the year!

I think this is mainly because of the fact that the Steelers supposedly had one of the best defenses and with Big Ben back running their offense, they were the team that was supposed to put a stop to our winning streak.

They actually came out swinging and scored on their first drive. I remember thinking to myself, Ok, we got ourselves a game here. Which I knew coming in that it would be.

For the first half, the magic man, Dak, looked a bit out of wack. Now, I know he is a rookie, and is going to have games like this, but I needed him to step up!

Tony had just done that FB Live press conference where he told everyone where he stood with the QB situation the entire would seemed to be talking about.

So Dak HAD to show up!

I remember logging into FB while the game was going on, and a bunch of my friends were putting ” Put #9 in!”

Come on man, let Dak do his thing.

And he did.

He stepped up and took over the game and delivered.

It was the 4th quarter, and we had just scored, but there was a good amount of time left. The Steelers drove the ball and scored on a fake kneel.

Are you serious!?

At this point I knew that we should’ve held the ball a little longer on the last possession.

Did we just blow it!?

We get the ball back and drive, and drive.

Dak makes all the right plays, and put is right into field goal range. But, Dak and Elliott had other plans. Dak hands the ball off to him, and he punches it right down the middle of the Steelers defense for the touchdown!

Cowboys win!

This has to be my favorite game of the year so far, because it showed that Dak could finish a game strong. He stepped up!

Did you see this game?

If you did, tell me your thoughts about it below!