My New Favorite Player

Yo! What’s up my fellow Dallas Cowboy fanatics.

By you returning to my blog pretty much tells me you are a Cowboy fan.

Welcome back to our little DC4L huddle 🙂

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Anyway, I mentioned in yesterday’s post that there is something definitely special going on this year with the team. What looked like another disaster year, has been the total opposite.

Going into the season there was definitely a whole lot of expectation about our new running back, rookie Elliot, we all knew that.

But he is having a season that is Rookie of The Year worthy. Some are even saying that the numbers he is putting up are even worthy of the MVP of the entire NFL.

That is crazy! I think if he keeps it up, then he is definitely worthy of being in the talks. But, to keep it 100 with you guys.. He’s not even my favorite rookie on the team. You should know who I am talking about..

My boy Dak Prescott. Man, this guy is just amazing. We drafted him in the 4th round of this years draft, and he has been our gift sent from heaven. I’m not gonna lie to you, Tony Romo was just not cutting it for me man. I know that he is a good quarterback. I know that he puts up really good numbers, but the thing is, I want more out of my quarterback. I want that guy under center who demands respect from the entire team.

That’s what Dak does..

As a rookie, he has stepped up to possibly the most important position in all of sports, for the most popular sport, and has dominated.

He has been the leader who has led our team to a 10-1 record, which is the best in the league by the way. But it is more than that. Dak is a great person. There has been a couple instances where he has just shown so much maturity for being such a young guy.

What I love most about how the team is playing is that everyone seems to be behind him 100%. Everyone from the coaching staff to all the players have his back. Oh, and you know Big Daddy Jerry has a smile on his face right now!

Yes, I know the team is winning, so that makes EVERYTHING better.

But the guys are out there having fun. This is something I haven’t seen from our team in years. Nothing against Tony, I just think it’s Dak’s time!

With that said, What do you think? Obviously the discussion about whether it should be Tony or Dak is a BIG one.. Everyone around the world has been having this discussion around the table, from ESPN to buddies having a cold one outside and discussing this hot topic.

Share your thoughts below!